Accompanying Persons Program

For accompanying persons there will be a number of excursions organized throughout the week of the conference to explore the history, culture, architecture, technology and nature of Germany. Below you can find some initial information about the program, and the final schedule will be announced later on the conference website

Monday, June 14, 2010

TOUR 1: Guided walk on the trail of Henry the Lion with Mumme sampling in a historical vaulted cellar [minimum 10 persons, 30 €]

In the morning you will visit the exhibition “Epocha” in the knight´s hall of the castle Dankwarderode. It houses an incredible collection of paintings by the European Masters including Dürer, Rubens and Vermeer. In the afternoon the tour proceeds through the islands of tradition from the Burgplatz to the Old City. In a vaulted cellar, lunch can be taken (optional, to be paid extra) and a traditional “Mumme” Beer will be served. This drink additive was thought to protect against a variety of illnesses during the Middle Ages.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tour 2: Trip to the imperial city of Goslar [minimum 20 persons, 62 €]

On this trip you will discover impressive relics from over one thousand years of history. Goslar was founded in 922 by Heinrich (Henry) I. and gained its wealth mainly by mining silver ore. The source was the “Mountain of Fate”, the Rammelsberg, which was entered (together with the old city) into the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites. After the bus transfer (about 50 min), you will experience Goslar with its old houses and churches during a guided walk. After the visit of the Imperial Palace, the tour through the silver mines and the mine museum will give you an impression of the history of mining.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tour 3: Trip to the “Autostadt” by Volkswagen [minimum 20 persons, 75 €]

People, cars and what moves them - After the bus transfer to the “Autostadt” in Wolfsburg (30 min) a guided adventure tour through the multi-facetted attractions and the extraordinary architecture will show you the different aspects of the automobile scene: from the past to the future car. All participants will have time to experience the highlights of the exhibition on their own. There is also the possibility to have lunch in one of the restaurants (optional, to be paid extra).

If the accompanying persons program do not achieve the indicated number of registrations, an alternative trip will be offered.

Burgplatz Braunschweig, Marktplatz Goslar, Autostadt Wolfsburg

Disclaimer: Program may be subject to change without notice.