VON ARDENNE is an internationally operating manufacturer of industrial equipment for vacuum processes in plasma and electron beam technologies. The family-owned company offers interesting challenges and good perspectives for its more than 550 employees. The values of its founder, Manfred von Ardenne, are still significant guiding principles of the company: initiative and curiosity, the continuous search for innovative technology solutions, high quality and a strong will to perform.

Architectural Glass

VON ARDENNE has manufactured industrial glass coating equipment since 1972. We provide state-of-the-art systems for LowE and solar control coatings for all customary glass sizes including jumbo and 100". The machinery is equipped with magnetrons from in-house production.


In photovoltaics, VON ARDENNE’s key competence lies in thin-film technologies. PIA|nova, our modular coating platform deposits among others transparent conductive or precursor layers. The horizontal sputter system allows constant layer stack improvement and the scaling-up of the coating area. Additionally, PIA|nova lowers operation costs by using proven rotatable magnetron technology and carrier-less transportation.

Modular Process Systems

The key advantage of these systems is the variety of possible configurations that can be adjusted with pin-point accuracy to customer requirements. They provide technological advantage and help to develop new business areas. Modular Process Systems are an indispensable link between R&D and implementing new products or technologies.

Components, Upgrades and Services

VON ARDENNE disposes of a service and distribution network in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, America and Asia. We follow the philosophy: Flexibility and customer proximity ensure cost-effectiveness and availability for our customers over a long machinery lifetime.

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