Equipping production facilities for thin-film solar or glass for solar? Thermal process solutions may challenge your ideas. They are an exciting alternative to vacuum systems, offering major cost and operational benefits.

At Smit Ovens, we design and manufacture thermal process solutions for high-volume manufacturing. With decades of experience in the glass, displays, electronics and solar industries, we’re constantly innovating. Today, we focus on solar applications, acting as an expert partner to manufacturers aiming for cost-effective mass production.

We offer standard production solutions for:

Thin film solar
  • Crystallization for CIGS
  • Selenium deposition for CIGS
  • Activation for CdTe
  • Contact firing
The glass industry
  • TCO for CdTe and thin film silicon
  • Strengthening and toughening
  • Thermal receiver production

Challenge us and we’ll explain how thermal processes can work for you.

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