ISRA VISION continues to be a leading manufacturer of high speed surface inspection systems after more than 20 years, which provides value through inspection and process improvement and covers the entire production chain with standard solutions for:

Glass Industry

Float-, Draw- and Speciality Glass
  • Detection of punctual and optical defects
  • Measurement of transmitted & reflected distortion
  • In-line thickness measurement at the hot & cold end
  • In-line stress measurement
  • Edge inspection & size measurement
Bent & Automotive glass
  • Fully automated final inspection of automotive screens
  • In-line-3D-form-measurement for multi-dimensional curved glass
  • Inspection of absorbing defects and scratches
  • Measurement of form & cross curvature
Coated Glass
  • Inspection of various coatings & defect sizes
Sheet Glass
  • Advanced optical multi panel inspection system for surface, edge and shape defects
Solar Cells, Modules & Glass
  • Inspection of surface, coating, edge and shape defects
Display- and Thin Glass (LCD TFT & PDP)
  • Defect detection for all production steps
Tube & Bulb inspection

Plastic, Paper & Converting Industry

Films, nonwovens, paper, printing (e.g. structured, coated, printed or laminated surfaces):
  • Inspection of all common defects like specks, contaminations, cracks, holes, coating defects, missing coating, black spots, inclusions, streaks, scratches, gels etc.

A business relationship with ISRA VISIOIN translates into improved yields, reduced costs and increasing profits and meets tomorrow’s customer requirements today.

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