With almost 100 years of experience in material science, GfE has been manufacturing and supplying coating materials to the PVD industry for over 25 years. Our core competences in melting as well powder processing enable us to supply elemental metals, metal alloys, oxides and cermets in the form of sputtering targets, evaporation materials and rotatable targets.

Among other materials, we offer:

  • Ag, AZOY (the solution for transparent electrically conductive layers),
  • CROMA (the cost effective alternative to high purity Chromium),
  • I.T.O., i-ZnO, Mo, NiV, Nb, NbOx, ROPLATE (the Chromium rotatable),

Sn, Ta2O5, Ti and numerous other materials and alloys as per customer’s request.

Our service includes bonding, material consulting and R+D on new materials and components in close cooperation with the respective customer.

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