Dr. Schenk GmbH

Dr. Schenk GmbH, established in 1985, is an innovative high-tech company based in Munich, Germany. For the third decade now, the range of products and services offered by Dr. Schenk comprises comprehensive solutions for automated quality assurance and production process monitoring for the solar, flat glass, film and foil, converting, paper, optical media and semiconductor industries. In these areas Dr. Schenk continues to set new standards for the inspection of surfaces through the utilization of the latest technical advances in optics and electronics.

Dr. Schenk’s metrology solutions inspect base materials such as blown film and foils or substrate glass for local defects and irregularities that could endanger the quality of the coating layers which are applied in later process steps. In addition, physical, mechanical or electrical properties (such as the coating thickness or the conductive functionality of ITO/TCO-layers) can be monitored and measured in-line by the same system. The output of the metrology system can directly help to optimize the production and to keep the process stable by an instant feedback of even slight deviations.

The company’s primary objective is to achieve complete satisfaction of our customers on a long-term basis. This vision is realized by a perfect synergy between innovative solutions and practical ideas. Global sales and service facilities ensure local support, technical service, training and consulting at any phase of a project. From modular standard units to highly customized systems – Dr. Schenk’s high-performance test and inspection products have precision in focus!

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