Beneq exploits and develops atomic layer deposition (ALD) and aerosol-based coating methods for high-end R&D and demanding industrial environments. Our business strategy combines, in a unique way, the ability to identify a customer’s need, understand and develop a solution for it and in the end, commercialize it in the shape of a piece of equipment.

Industries for which Beneq offers equipment today include:

  • photovoltaic (transparent conductive oxide [TCO] thin films, diffusion barrier coatings, anti-reflective coatings and surface passivation)
  • glass manufacturing and post-processing (on-line TCO, low-emissivity coatings, surface layer coloration)
  • medical (biocompatible and diffusion reduction coatings)
  • printed electronics (diffusion and moisture barrier coatings).

Two examples from our equipment range are:

  • TFS 1200 Thin Film System for Atomic Layer Deposition, a heavy-duty coating unit designed for in-line thin film production routines. The TFS 1200 is capable of coating substrates as large as 1200 × 1200 × 10 mm.
  • FCS 2000 Functional Coating System, a turnkey industrial flat glass coating unit for manufacturing TCO coated glass.

Beneq has the technical experience and expertise, as well as the organizational flexibility, to turn mere notions and ideas into innovations, and innovations into success.

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