Bekaert showcases latest advances in rotatable magnetron technology at ICCG 2010

The bright combination of rotatable sputter targets and hardware

Bekaert Advanced Coatings will showcase its latest range of rotatable sputtering solutions at the 8th ICCG Conference. By demonstrating its latest sputter hardware solutions and growing range of sputter targets, the company will explain how its technology lowers the total cost of ownership of thin-film manufacturing.

Bekaert is a pioneer in rotating magnetron technology and has worked closely with its customers over the past 15 years to help them transition from planar sputtering technology to rotatable sputtering technology. Today, Bekaert offers customized solutions for all physical vapor deposition (PVD) applications including Large Area Glass Coatings (LAGC), coatings for photovoltaic (PV) cells - both thin-film and c-Si - and other applications like webcoating.

“We’ve built on experience gained in both the automotive and architectural markets and are now applying the same proven technology to the photovoltaic industry,” says Koen Staelens, Product Market Manager at Bekaert Sputter Products. “The fact that the high quality rotatable targets are perfectly aligned with the innovative sputter hardware generates additional value in our customers' coating process. This is what makes us unique in being able to offer our clients the complete solution.” adds Koen Staelens. “To our clients, we're a one-stop-supplier offering a full range of compatible components for both new and existing coating lines. This gives them the assurance of continuous reliable operation and accurate process control.”

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