Avaluxe International GmbH

Avaluxe has been founded 6 years ago, having its headquarters in Nürnberg, Germany.

We are a team of nearly 20 today, every member of the team has many years of experience in dealing with materials, coating technology, or technologies connected to the markets we are active in. Avaluxe is headed by Christos Pernagidis and Peter Schiffl.

Besides Nürnberg, we have team members in Aachen, Milano, Prag and in the Munic area.

Avaluxe is offering:

  • Materials
  • Services and
  • Technologies

Please note: We recently signed a cooperation agreement with Angstrom Sciences for Servicing and Supplying the market with:

  • Linear Magnetrons
  • Cylindrical Magnetrons
  • Circular Magnetrons
  • Magnet set upgrades for existing magnetrons to enhance performance
  • and material utilisation
  • Custom engineered products to fit special process or system
  • requirements.

Avaluxe International GmbH Walstromerstr. 59 90453 Nürnmberg Germany
+49 (0)911 641 551 100
+49 (0)911 641 551 199
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