Fraunhofer Allianz für Photokatalyse

Photocatalytically active coating systems are used to make surfaces self-cleaning, to inactivate or even destroy bacteria, algae and fungi, to clean the air or to reduce fogging on glazing and mirrors. The aim of the Fraunhofer Photocatalysis Alliance is to develop photocatalytically active coating systems which are suitable for indoor applications, which have a longer service life, which activate quickly and can be 'switched off' as required and which will completely degrade organic substances. Not only vacuum plasma techniques are used for this but also sol-gel technology and water-based varnishes. Prototype applications include coatings on plastic, glass and ceramics and multi functional optical coatings. In addition to the development of coating and process an important objective of the Alliance is the development of testing and inspection methods which will rapidly and dependably deliver information about the photocatalytic activity and biological effectiveness of the coating.

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